20! Mexican girl :3¡¡¡ OWLS LOVER!!! CONSIDERED a crazy nature lover (my inspiration Jane Goodall)! Ecologist bit! (despite the fact that I like technology ) and a future Biologist.

My music --> JonasB., Ed Sheeran, Owl City, New Heights, Adele, Allen Stone. .....

*******["Monsters are real, ghost are real too, they live inside us, and sometimes, they win" ... stephen king

--*People cry, not because they´re weak.

It´s because they´ve been strong for too long.*--

°°Each individual is important, each individual has a role to play, every individual makes a difference.°°---- JANE GOODALL

°°Lasting change is a series of commitments. And the commitment is not bad as long as they do not change your values.°°---J.G.

----The greatest danger to our future is apathy.--J.G.]*******

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